How much does a service cost?

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Roadworthy service

$70.00 + parts

This comprehensive service and safety inspection is suitable for most bicycles. We check and adjust all the fundamental components like frame, fork, tyres, wheels, brakes, gears and steering. We also clean and lubricate where necessary.


Gear tune


Check the shifting components front and rear and adjust to improve shifting. Test ride to make sure everything shifts smoothly.


Change tube


Labour to inspect tyre, install new tube and inflate to recommended psi.


Wheel true


Wheel is put in a truing stand and checked to make sure the rim is straight and round. Spoke tension is checked and adjusted. Spokes and nipples are inspected for damage.

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Fork service


Suspension fork service includes disassemble, clean and reassemble with fresh grease and oil. Does not include replacement parts such as seals or foam rings.

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Shock service


For an air can service on a rear shock. Includes fresh oil and grease but does not include new seals.


Quarq ShockWiz rental

$50.00 for the weekend

Tune your suspension with this data logger and companion app. Even the best riders wonder if they’ve setup the shock and fork correctly. This technology shows how your suspension is performing and how to make it better.

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Hydraulic brake bleed

$25.00 per brake

This removes air bubbles and old fluid and improves braking performance.