'prevention is better than cure'


Powerful brakes bolster everyone’s confidence on the bike, whether you're a recreational rider out with family, or an elite racer pushing the limits. For this reason it's our first stopping point on a standard roadworthy service. 


When they're running smoothly, gears make life easy. As they start wearing out, they can take on a life of their own. With over a decade of experience tuning and installing gear systems on bicycles, you can trust our highly experienced mechanics to iron out any grief your drivetrain is giving you. 

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Wheels & Tyres

With standards evolving all the time, the range of wheel sizes has never been wider. We stock a large range of wheels, tyres, sealant, tubes and spokes to keep you rolling. 


Servicing is vital for extending the life of your suspension components. Some manufacturers specify service intervals as low as 25 hours for their forks. A regular clean, oil change and fresh seals prevents expensive damage to your suspension.